Our Vision

Rural Edge is a not-for-profit organisation delivering highly relevant, peer to peer learning opportunities in both WA and nationally, that support primary production businesses to be innovative, competitive and profitable.

Rural Edge is very much driven by farmers, and training opportunities are for all members of the farming business…. And their community.

As Rural Edge is not a commercial organisation we do not compete with services that are already available. Our role is to provide services and opportunities that are not being delivered or are not readily accessible to Rural Edge. Our select team of staff, facilitators and Board members act as a support mechanism to get professional development happening where and when it is required.

Background: Partners in Grain was launched as a national organisation in 2001 and was managed in WA by a State Reference Group. In 2017 Partners in Grain became its own Incorporated Association; Partners in Grain WA and the national organisation wound down to transition to an Alliance model. In October 2019 Partners in Grain WA changed its name to Rural Edge.

Our Team

Rural Edge Australia Inc. is overseen by a Board of Management and administrated by our Marketing & Operations Manager and Workshop & Administration Coordinator.

Rural Edge Leadership Team

Rural Edge Australia Inc. is overseen by a Board of Management. Joining the Board of Management offers you the opportunity to develop statewide and national networks and contribute to the development and expansion of Rural Edge.

If you would like to join the Rural Edge Board of Management, email the Marketing & Operations Manager to express your interest.

Our Partners

Rural Edge is a dynamic and visionary organisation which is highly regarded by farmers, agribusiness, research development corporations and government agencies. Our focus is on upskilling farm businesses to make positive changes and achieve greater efficiencies in their HR, IR, financial and office management, resulting in increased profitability.

Our suite of workshops focus on the three key areas of any farm business – People, Technology and Finance:

We are selective in our partnerships and collaborate with like-minded organisations and agencies. We know one size does not fit all and so we tailor our partnerships to ensure that value is maximised for both parties and the result is valuable and applicable professional development outcomes for our growers, when and where it is needed.


RSM and Rural Edge have a long history of working together to deliver business skills outcomes to farmers across WA. Rural Edge (then PinG WA) first welcomed RSM as an official partner in 2018. The partnership has been extremely successful and has continued to deliver benefits to WA farmers throughout 2019 and 2020. In 2017 and 2018, RSM were important contributors to the Farm Finance for Performance (FFP) Sub-Committee and were integral in the development of the new FFP workshop. This vital support has continued throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020 with RSM accountants in attendance at FFP workshops, supporting attendees with understanding their business structures, cash flows and being available to answer general accounting questions that arise.

RSM support has also been through their sponsorship of INSPIRE in 2018 and 2020, specialised farm finance information through the Rural Edge ‘In the Loop’ newsletter; and vital in-kind support to Rural Edge through advice and meeting facilities.


Rural Edge and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) have a successful partnership which spans many years and has resulted in the development of four farm business training workshops which are now offered across Australia through the PinG Alliance members:

Being a Better Boss (HR): Managing People, Being a Better Boss (IR) Legal Obligations for Farmers, Farm Office Efficiencies, and Technology, Tips and Tables.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020 GRDC investment made it possible for Rural Edge to deliver 30 Farm Finance for Performance workshops across WA. This follows on from the successful support of nine Being a Better Boss: Team Productivity & Time Management workshops in 2017/2018 and sponsorship of INSPIRE in 2018 and 2020.

The Muresk Institute

The Muresk Institute is a skills hub for modern agriculture, with a core focus to bring the best industry-driven training opportunities, knowledge and skills to the Western Australian agricultural industry. The focus of Rural Edge is closely aligned and in 2019/2020, the Muresk Institute invested in Rural Edge to deliver workshops across regional WA, including Paperless Farm OfficeFarm Finance for Performance: Business Structure & Cashflow and Being a Better Boss (IR): Legal Obligations for Farmers.


Rabobank are one of the largest rural lenders with a core mission to create value for their clients, employees and the rural communities where they work.  Much the same as Rural Edge, Rabobank was developed by farmers, for farmers and they have been an integral part of Rural Edge’s success.

In 2017 and 2018, Rabobank were important contributors to the Farm Finance for Performance (FFP) Sub-Committee and were integral in the development of the new FFP workshop. This vital support has continued throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020, with Rabobank personnel in attendance at FFP workshops, supporting attendees with understanding their business structures, cash flows and being available to answer financial questions as they arise.

Rabobank has also been a Summit Partner at all INSPIRE Summits – 2016, 2018 and 2020.


CBH Group’s safety vision is that we all return home safely at the end of each working day, and they are passionate about making safety a priority for primary producers. Rural Edge has partnered with the CBH Group to develop and roll out a new workshop: Farm Safety – Safeguarding your Business and People” in 2019. In addition to supporting the development of this new workshop, the CBH Group are supporting delivery of 11 workshops in 2020.

Safe Farms WA

Safe Farms WA is passionate about our industry “going home safely” and like Rural Edge is a not-for-profit organisation driven by farmers. In 2019, Rural Edge partnered with Safe Farms WA to develop the new workshop, Farm Safety: Safeguarding your People and Business. Safe Farms WA staff and Board were an integral part of the workshop development Sub-Committee and also supplied valued materials and content to help make our industry safer. Safe Farms WA want to ensure the farming industry and service providers to the industry have access to up-to-date information and tools to work towards compliance with legislation and providing a safe workplace. They are therefore offering Rural Edge Farm Safety workshop participants a discounted membership to Safe Farms WA.


MLA delivers the practical results of its R&D investments by providing producers with education, training and opportunities to change on-farm practice.

MLA supports extension and training opportunities with practical information, tools and calculators to assist producer decision making, with the aim of achieving long-term productive and profitable businesses.

In 2019, MLA supported the delivery of 15 Paperless Farm Office workshops throughout red meat producing regions of WA.  In addition to supporting these workshops, MLA and Profitable Grazing Systems also partnered with Rural Edge to deliver a Supported Learning Program (SLP) which is a producer upskilling program based on supported learning and coaching.

As part of Profitable Grazing Systems, Rural Edge will deliver the “Managing People for Success” program throughout 2019 and 2020. The “Managing People for Success” Program includes workshops, coaching sessions and the development of a farm-specific project to allow producers the opportunity to learn by practising, apply new skills with other producers and be involved in learning long term through coaching and peer-to-peer learning and hands-on practice.


Agworld, like Rural Edge is a trusted service provider in the WA broadacre sector and prides itself on putting the farmer first. The support of Agworld enabled farmers in WA’s eastern and central wheatbelt to be the amongst the first in Australia to access the new ‘Paperless Farm Office‘ business skills workshop.

Agworld also regularly provide Rural Edge with valuable in-kind support.

Geraldton Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank

The Geraldton Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank partnered with Rural Edge in 2017 and 2018 to pilot the new workshop Paperless Farm Office, before supporting the launch with a “Bendigo Bank Midwest Roadshow”  in 2018. The Geraldton Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank supported the delivery of Paperless Farm Office in Mingenew, Mullewa and Binnu. In addition to investing in the delivery, Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank personnel attended the workshop to support the facilitator and answer business questions as they arose.  Following on from the success of the “Bendigo Bank Midwest Roadshow” in 2018, Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank have again supported workshop delivery in 2019.  In 2019, the “Bendigo Bank Midwest Roadshow” brought the Being a Better Boss (IR): Legal Obligations for Farmers workshop to Binnu, Mullewa and Morawa.


ProcessWorx, like Rural Edge, are passionate about providing farm businesses with access to expertise, systems and support which has traditionally not been available in regional areas. In 2019, ProcessWorx became the Official Industrial Relations Consulting Partner of Rural Edge, supporting Rural Edge to deliver 11 Being a Better Boss (IR): Legal Obligations for Farmers workshops throughout 2019.  Danielle McNamee, the Managing Director and co-founder of ProcessWorx has over 20 years’ experience in Australia and overseas working with recruitment, human resources and technology consultancies and is also the Rural Edge facilitator for this workshop series.


Figured understand the importance of online livestock, crop and production tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting and have therefore developed a tool that gives you accurate data in one place, real time. In 2019 and 2020 Figured have provided Rural Edge with a free subscription to enable us to quickly, easily and accurately develop powerful reporting at a glance, develop accurate budgets and forecast for the year ahead.

Host Communities and Grower Groups

Rural Edge work closely with host communities, such as Community Resource Centres and local grower groups to receive on-the-ground assistance to deliver workshops where and when they’re required. Host communities and grower groups also support Rural Edge through applying for grants and co-investing in delivery of workshops which enable primary producers to attend workshops at a subsidised cost.


Farmanco work with primary producers to help grow their farm business and achieve business and personal goals. As specialists in using analytical and practical approaches to address agricultural challenges faced in management, agronomy and marketing, in 2018 and 2019 Farmanco were important contributors to the Farm Finance for Performance (FFP) Sub-Committee and were integral in the development of the new FFP workshop.

2021 INSPIRE Summit Partners and Sponsors

In 2021, the INSPIRE Summit Funding Partners were:

2018 INSPIRE Summit Partners and Sponsors

In 2018, the INSPIRE Summit Funding Partners were:

2016 Inspire Summit Partners and Sponsors

In 2016, the INSPIRE Summit Funding Partners were:

Partners: Rabobank

Sponsors: Planfarm, RSM, GRDC, Department of Agriculture and Food, CBH Group and Telstra.

2017 Partnerships

Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (FAAW)

The Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (FAAW) operated as a national organisation between 1995 and 2016 to provide for disadvantaged rural women and to advance all women in agricultural occupations and rural communities around Australia. In 2017 FAAW wound down and gifted its remaining funds to Rural Edge to develop the first workshop in the ‘Farm Finance for Performance’ series. This workshop is the legacy of FAAW and will assist rural Australian women managing or administering farm finances to gain confidence in their role and position as an equal partner and contributor to their business.