CRC’s a vital link in-the-chain in providing training and education to farming communities

Community Resource Centres (CRC’s) in many small WA towns play a crucial role in providing training and education to regional people.

Partners in Grain WA Inc. (PinG WA) provides business skills training and professional development (PD) to WA farmers in their communities. Over the last five years the not-for-profit organisation has delivered more than 110 business skills workshops in farming towns to over 1,300 farmers.

PinG WA has built a reputation amongst farmers and agribusiness as providing credible, quality and relevant business skills training, with over 99.8% of participants recommending the PinG WA training they’ve received to other farmers.

“We run a demand-based model which means we only delivery training to communities that really want it and can generate a sound level of paid participation” said Bronwyn Fox, Chairperson of PinG WA.

“We work with a network of host organisations who are effective and active within their farming community and in 30-50% of cases this is a CRC” she said.

Seven of the 22 workshops delivered by PinG WA in 2017 were through CRC’s. In April this year Mullewa CRC, Ongerup CRC and Yongergnow -Ongerup CRC’s were amongst six communities (and the first in Australia) to host new paperless administration and financial performance training.

Farmers in WA face a number of barriers to accessing relevant, high quality training. The greatest being distance. These challenges are further exacerbated for ‘primary carers’ (in many cases women) who are often unable to travel to large regional centres or to Perth to access PD.

“PinG WA is one of the only providers (and often the only provider) that delivers business skills training to farmers in their own communities” said Ms Fox who runs a horticulture and sheep operation in Dandaragan with her husband and his family.

“We are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand for our training- we currently have 40 communities on our waiting list” said Ms Fox.

“The CRC’s that PinG WA works with are critical in enabling farmers to gain the skills and knowledge they need for their businesses to thrive. A decline in the CRC network will significantly impact our ability to provide farmers with access to this” she stated.


Date released 21 May 2018

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PinG WA’s core business is providing one-day business skills workshops in regional communities for all members of the farm business. They are very highly valued by farmers, with over 99.8% of participants recommending the PinG WA training they’ve received to other farmers.

PinG WA one-day workshops are focussed on developing confidence and skills in the below areas to build the capacity and profitability of that farm business:

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