INSPIRE 2021 featured informative, and innovative speakers and panel members from diverse industry areas. Our focus was on ensuring all delegates left the INSPIRE Summit with the tips, skills and knowledge to enhance their farm businesses, communities and enrich their day to day lives.


Lamb Bacon Co.

“I’ll give her 5 years before she is broke and sells up” This was a very common sentiment which Toni Barton heard about herself from neighbours and onlookers, what was she thinking, leaving behind her city life determined to grow her own food.   Toni had spent the previous 17 years climbing the corporate ladder, in marketing and business management before purchasing a 200 acre property in Victoria. Never having had the responsibility of running a farm, not even been close to a sheep, built a fence, fixed a piece of machinery or considered that mother nature always had the plan A. She began her new adventure. One thing she knew for sure, there was no way she could survive on 200 acres if she followed the traditional farming road map. She flipped the farming model on its head and is now leading the way on farm gate innovation, pricing strategies and distribution channels, long overdue in Australian Agriculture. Launching Bartons Smallgoods just 3 years ago, has set a new trajectory for Toni, creating a world first product range of charcuterie made from 100% Australian Lamb.


Head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness (Australia and NZ)

Tim Hunt is the General Manager of the RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness division across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to managing the RaboResearch team, Tim advises corporate and rural clients across a multitude of sectors on a range of issues, including: the rise of substitute foods, why supply chains must change, and winning consumer trust. He is a regular facilitator at Rabobank’s Executive Development Program and hosts Rabobank’s Australia/New Zealand podcast channel.

Tim is a professional economist with 25 years’ of experience working with leading financial institutions and strategic consultancies in Australia, England, and the United States. Tim holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Bachelor of Arts degree, and an Honors degree in Economics from the University of Melbourne.


Latitude 28° 

James Williamson is the Managing Director of Latitude 28 Produce and brings over 10 years of China focused trade and investment experiences to the dynamic Latitude 28 team, whose digitisation focus is to decommoditise the trade of Australian agriculture Produce, empower Chinese consumers with the choice of product authentication and retain customer loyalty to its consumer facing brand.

Latitude 28’s ground-breaking new technologies and marketing initiatives humanise global consumer interactions, capitalise on growth markets and overcome the complexities of overseas demands. Latitude 28’s consumer focused mindset and modern approach to the traditional export model is successfully integrating the digital worlds of e-commerce, social media, advanced data analytics, and blockchain technology.


Medical Practitioner, Author & Speaker

How often do you feel stressed, under pressure, unable to think straight and groggy in the morning? This where neuroscience and Dr Jenny can help. As an award winning speakerfacilitator and trained medical practitioner, Jenny can help you understand why you think and act the way you do, and then implement science-backed behaviour change so you can make distractions, foggy thinking and mental roadblocks a thing of the past.

We all feel it sometimes — tired, hopeless, stretched too thin, a little scared about the future, a sense that something important is missing. Modern life is unbelievably stressful, and it comes at us from all sides. But there’s also an upside to the modern world: in our age of better information, technology, nutrition, and healthcare, we’re using our smarts to develop a science that can help us feel happier and more connected to our lives—and it really does work.


Oasis People & Culture Director

Clint is a Learning and Development specialist and Human Resource Consultant with over 16 years experience helping on the front line with people management and leadership issues. His background includes managing a range of state and national HR programs within government, community and commercial sectors in organisations with strong service-oriented cultures.

Clint has a proven record providing people development services across a range of behavioural, people management and leadership topics. With a passion for seeing people move toward their potential in the workplace, he has been effective in engaging learners, achieving tangible results and strengthening businesses. He continues to be an active student of organisational behaviour.


Speaker, facilitator, author, comedian and award-winning singer/songwriter.

In this entertaining and engaging keynote, professional facilitator and comedian Andrew Horabin will helps us explore some of the 12 BULLS that block open communication, including defensiveness, excuses, gossip and sarcasm.

Through comedy, examples and exercises, we’ll look at how those BULLS show up in our work and a couple of things we can do to SHIFT them.

Bullshift works on the idea that any person can improve any conversation in which they’re conscious.

But how do we improve our consciousness and then apply that to the communication?

For over 24 years Andrew has worked with big and small businesses, government departments, local councils, professional associations and NGOs across Australia and overseas.


Peter Kenyon is a social capitalist and community enthusiast.  Over the last four decades he has worked with more than 2000 communities throughout Australia and overseas seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways that stimulate community and local economic renewal. He is motivated by the desire to create healthy, caring, inclusive, connected, sustainable and enterprising communities and local economies.

Peter has had a background as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer, tertiary lecturer and senior public servant.  His employment experiences have included Director of Employment in Western Australia, Manager of the Community Employment Development Unit in New Zealand and Coordinator of the Natal Kwazulu Job Creation and Enterprise Strategy in South Africa.