A webinar for INSPIRE 2021 delegates on taking care of yourself and your family during this difficult and uncertain time.

Shanna Whan is a national keynote speaker who founded well-known national alcohol awareness charity Sober in the Country (SITC). 

Her episode called “Last Drinks” went to air on Australian Story late last year and was seen by 3 million Australians.

She’s worked relentlessly in the rural and remote space for 6 years to create this conversation and national charity while advocating for better services and support for the men and women who like her ”get up and show up” to feed and clothe the rest of the nation but rarely find adequate services or support for addictions support when hard times hit.

Shanna’s done all this using nothing more than honest and authentic discussions and her own lived-experience as a recovered alcoholic. SITC is all about being a driver for overdue change in how we treat our mates who say ‘no thanks’ to a beer and how we can better support each other towards a healthier and more sustainable rural culture.

Shanna  was set to be one of our keynote speakers at INSPIRE in April this year. Now more than ever, we think our INSPIRE delegates would like to hear from Shanna on taking care of yourself and your family during this difficult and uncertain time. We’ve therefore lined up Shanna to present a keynote note speech, of sorts… via a webinar.
The webinar will start with Shanna presenting her thoughts and tips on staying healthy and connected. 

We will then open the forum up for questions from participants – think of it as a little bit like a “You Can’t Ask That” session. A separate platform will also be set up for those that would feel more comfortable typing in a question anonymously.  Shanna understands far too well the fear and stigmas around discussing ‘alcohol’ and wants all participants to feel safe asking tricky questions.

Please register BELOW to receive a link and instructions on how to join this event. 

Enquiries – Debra Mullan (admin@ruraledge.org.au or 0477 083 999).

DATE: Friday 24 April 2020

TIME: 10.00 – 11.00 am


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