An exciting new program to develop skills and acquire tools to improve personal productivity, manage people, and engage team members.

People are the foundation of any farm business. This supported learning program coaches and guides  to improve your skills in managing people for a successful farm business and is comprised of  7 sessions.

About the Program and topics covered

Session 1: DISC Profiling

This session is completed online prior to the first workshop and will provide a foundation and insight to increase self-awareness of personality and behavioural style.

Session 2: Workshop 1 Team Productivity and Time Management

Facilitated by: Clint Vawser

This workshop will provide participants with a framework for personal organisation and direction, the skills to bring out the best results in other people and how to apply effective interaction skills to manage challenge and conflict.

Session 3: Coaching Session

Facilitated by: Clint Vawser

The coaching session will be run via teleconference for approx. 1 hour at an agreed time between the participant and facilitator. As a result of this session, participants will be able to identify and establish a relevant Farm Improvement Project.

Session 4: Workshop 2 Industrial Relations

Facilitated by: Danielle McNamee

At this session, particiapants will gain an understanding of the Industrial Relations regulations and laws applicable to their farm business and be able to take action to reduce compliance risks.

Session 5: Workshop 3 Human Resources

Facilitated by: Clint Vawser

At this session, participants will learn how to identify and document their labour needs, apply sound recruitment and selection practices and be able to implement effective induction practices and resources.

Session 6: Touch Point

Facilitated by: Clint Vawser

The facilitator will schedule a phone call with each farm business to track the development of their Farm Improvement Project

Session 7: Coaching Session

Facilitated by: Clint Vawser

The coaching session will be run via teleconference for approx. 1 hour at an agreed time between the participant and facilitator. This coaching session will be a review post-program implementation, learning reflection and identification of issues to drive final outcomes under the Farm Improvement Project

The above sessions will up skill producers and allow them to learn by practicing and applying new skills, be involved in learning long term through coaching and peer-to-peer learning and hands on practice and ultimately increase business profitability.

Who should attend: All members of the farm business would benefit from this program.

Workshop duration: Each workshop in this program runs from 9.00am until 3pm (morning tea and lunch provided). Coaching sessions will run via teleconference for approximately one hour at a time agreed with participants and the facilitator.


Scheduling is currently taking place for this program. If you would like us to run this program in your community please put complete the Request a Workshop form.


Cost: $1,900* (plus GST) for up to two participants from a farm business.

  • Includes workshop manual & catering
  • Minimum 8 farm businesses.
  • Maximum 10 farm businesses.

*Please note, the commercial cost of this program is $3,150 (+GST) per business, however, with support from MLA’s Profitable Grazing Systems this program is offered at the subsidised cost of $1,900 (+GST) per business for up to two participants per business. That’s personality profiling, three workshops, two coaching sessions and a touch point for two people for $1,900 (+GST) or $135 pp per session!