Farm Safety

Farm Safety: Short course

This short course aims to equip you with the necessary skills to establish safer farm businesses. The new form short course, spanning 2 hours, will give you a crash course on your obligations as a farmer & business owner, a rundown on the laws you need to know, a library of online templates to use in your own time PLUS you will begin your safety journey in real-time by creating a risk register with the guidance of our facilitator. This means, reducing time spent off the farm but maximising your safety knowledge.

Meet our Facilitator


David Sullican Adv,Dip FBM

David Sullivan Adv, Dip FBM
Director of Programs Ag Health and Safety Alliance

I was raised on my family’s farm in Western Australia, which specialized in broad-acre cropping and sheep production. I then completed my studies in Agricultural Farm and Business Management at Marcus Oldham College. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work in the live export industry and then manage a cattle station in the Pilbara. In 2006 I relocated to Canada where a short venture in construction health and safety gave me the additional knowledge to pursue a career in health and safety. I am a farmer without a farm so focusing on agricultural health and safety is my true calling.

My work with Universities in North America to teach Agriculture Health and Safety has given me a great opportunity to reach the next generation of agriculture producers in a fun and interactive way. Bringing the international health and safety perspective to these students is an important way of connecting with students who are involved in agriculture.

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