We have a range of workshops which run both face-to-face and online.

Farm & Family Succession Planning Short Course: We are successfully changing the conversation around succession, so it is seen as a positive and essential part of the management tool kit for any thriving business and family. 
Succession planning isn't just a one-time event; it's a powerful tool in your farm business management toolkit. Adapt and manage change in a respectful and planned way. Discover how to reassess your business and position it for future needs and transitions.
During the workshop, we'll emphasize the importance of respect, independence, and dignity. By fostering these values, you'll create a strong foundation for success. Let's work together to achieve positive outcomes and secure your family's legacy. Express your interest here.

Farm Safety: Short Course: This short course aims to equip you with the necessary skills to establish safer farm businesses. The new form short course, spanning 2 hours, will give you a crash course on your obligations as a farmer & business owner, a rundown on the laws you need to know, a library of online templates to use in your own time PLUS you will begin your safety journey in real-time by creating a risk register with the guidance of our facilitator. This means, reducing time spent off the farm but maximising your safety knowledge. Express your interest here.

Ag Recruitment Practices Short Course: This 1.5-hour session will connect the network of participants in a forum style to encourage the sharing of innovative recruitment practices. There are a number of core "good practice" HR principles that will support this conversation. It will address recruitment preparation (knowing what a farm business actually needs), consideration of a short/sharp job description (template will be provided) and consideration of the pros and cons of various recruitment alternatives. Express your interest here.

Interview Skills for Farm Business Short Course: Just about every small business owner believes they have what it takes to pick most suitable candidates for job roles. Research has highlighted that interviewing is one of the most unreliable selection methods due to the interviewer's biases, emotions, and lack of skills in the interview process. This 1.5-hour short course will provide you with tips and tools that will improve your employee success rate and help you identify most suitable candidates as well as weed out the candidates who won't last. Express your interest here.

Onboarding and Induction Short Course: So you've finally secured the candidate you wanted. Now what? How do you create an onboarding process that ensures new employees (whether seasonal or long term) are able start working safely, productively and happily as quickly as possible. This process is more than just upskilling. It's also about helping people fit in and align with your work and other behavioural expectations you have. Studies indicate that a well-planned induction process can improve the employment retention of new starters by between 50 – 82%. Onboarding template included. This 1.5 hour short course will guide you to do just that! Express your interest here.

Time Management Short Course: As farm businesses become more business-like and corporate, for the farm owner or manager, it starts to feel like there are too many tasks and not enough time to get it all done. This 1.5-hour short course offers a chance for you to take back control of your time on the things that make the biggest difference and restore some balance to where time is being spent. It will encourage you to think about more than just getting the job done, it will ensure time is prioritise for both the long-term and the immediate needs, the farm as well as other non-work priorities like family, personal time and community. Express your interest here.

The Dynamics of Working with Family Short Course: Working with family is a different beast than having employees. How do we navigate the conversations we need to have in family without them blowing up or causing relational strain. Whether just running the farm business day to day or during the tricky processes of farm succession, the relational dynamics can easily derail the important work that needs doing or change that is needed. In this 1.5-hour short course learn some introductory practices and take away some simple exercises and tools that can have immediate benefit in the way family enterprise functions. Express your interest here.