We have a range of workshops which run both face-to-face and online.

Essential Industrial Relations (IR) for your Farm Business: this workshop is about industrial relations specific to farm businesses and addresses the state and federal award systems which are applicable to farm businesses.

Farm & Family Succession Planning: the aim of this workshop is to empower you to be proactive in succession planning for your farm business and family. You will gain new skills and tools to incorporate succession planning into your business management tool kit so both the farm and family can thrive into the future. 

Farm Finance for Performance: Business Structure & Cashflow: this workshop will provide participants with detailed knowledge of business structure and cashflow management and the practical tools and skills to positively impact their farm financial performance. 

Farm Safety: Safeguarding your People & Business: an interactive workshop designed to get you started on improving farm safety and building a system. This workshop will assist you to establish your safety priorities and provides clear templates and guidelines to get you started or take your safety up a notch. 

Farm Tech Planning: Making your data work for you: participants will learn how to develop a farm tech plan and identify additional technology to improve productivity & efficiency on their farm.  

Managing Employees in your Farm Business: in this workshop you will learn skills to be a better boss, from identifying your labour needs to managing performance once employees are in place. 

Paperless Farm Office: this workshop provides participants with the key knowledge and tips and tricks to develop and manage their own paperless farm office. The workshop focuses on using technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of the administration and management side of the farm business.

Team Dynamics for your Farm Business: this workshop focuses on team productivity, time management and being able to recognise your management style and how it impacts others.