Workshop titles refreshed to better reflect content

As part of our regular review process of our suite of workshops,  we have changed some of the workshop titles and given them a fresh and more contemporary look and feel.

‘Being a Better Boss (HR): Managing People’ will now be known as ‘Managing employees in your farm business’.  This workshop covers all the essentials of leading people including identifying your labour requirements, all aspects of recruitment, performance management, retention of good employees and working as a team.

Being a Better Boss (TT): Team Productivity and Time Management will now be known as ‘Team dynamics in your farm business’.  This workshop focuses on productivity, time management, managing conflict and difficult people, plus enhancing the relationship between employees and employers,

Being a Better Boss (IR) : Legal obligations for farmers will now be known as  ‘Essential industrial relations for your farm business’.  This workshop covers the important topic of industrial relations in the context of the state and federal award systems, plus looks at other topics including hiring people from overseas, enterprise agreements, record keeping,  terminations and dismissals, and rules, tips and traps of the relevant awards.  There is also a 1 hour question and answer section with Danielle McNamee from ProcessWorx included in this workshop.